Arunima Sinha

Today I will tell about Arunima Sinha, the world's first Amputee to climb Mount Everest, whose life was difficult


Arunima Sinha grew up in Ambedkar Nagar, a small district near Lucknow.Her Father worked for The Indian Army as an Engineer.Her Mother was a supervisor with the Health Department.Arunima Has two siblings ,An Elder sister and a Little Brother. Arunima was Bereaved at the age of 3 When her Father Passed away.Her sister's Husband took Responsibility for the Family.

Everyone In Arunima Sinha's family was into sports. Arunima herself used to cycle a lot ,loved playing football and was National level Volleyball Player.Though she was extremely talented, she never really thought of a sporting career.

Arunima wanted to join the Paramilitary forces. Unfortunately she couldn't get through. At last in 2011, she got a call letter from CSIF. Arunima was over the moon. However, in the weird twist of fate, her birth date was wrongly mentioned in the letter.

CHAPTER Two :- "The Turning Point"

Arunima left for Delhi to get incorrect date on her call letter rectified. She was traveling in the general coach of the train 'Padmavat Express'.

 In 2011, While traveling in the train Arunima Sinha was pushed out of a running train by thieves when she resisting them as they wanted to snatch her bag and Gold Chain.

The Goons picked up Arunima Sinha was threw her out of the Train. She collided with an oncoming Train and fell on a Train Track. Before she could move another train passed over her leg. The accident is a blot on Humanity what followed was even worse .

Arunima lay there on the Train track all night, bleeding. Later It was found that 49 Trains passed the spot that night not a single person helped her .

In the Morning she was taken to the hospital by some local boys. Her leg had to be "Amputated". Since there was no Anesthesia, Arunima felt every bit of the surgery. The Hospital lacked the basic facilities. A stray dog entered Arunima,s room and started eating her amputated leg.

She was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. She was brought to the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), Delhi for further treatment and spent four months at the institute.

After an inquiry, Indian Railways were ordered to pay her 5,00,000 rupess as compensation.She was offered compensation by the Sports Ministry and taken to All Indian Institute of Medical sciences for Future treatment.

"I have preserved the ticket to this day , And I am not a weak person that i shall think of committing suicide. But anyway , i gave up on the police the moment they came out with so many falsehoods" (Sinha words)

When she was lying on the hospital bed, she gave herself a dream . After recovering she started chasing one dream that gave her the strength to live. Yuvraj singh fight against cancer turned out to be a huge motivation for Arunima. It is perhaps at the lowest point of our life that we realize our greatest strength. she went to meet Bachendri Pal, the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest


The next step was an 18 months course from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. Arunima started with smaller peaks and had some near death experiences. She didn't let these obstacles stop her. She received a grant from Mountaineering and was later Sponsored by TATA steel.

Climbing The Mount Everest with two able legs is extremely difficult, so we can imagine how challenging it would have been with a prosthetic leg. It was difficult to even find a Sherpa who would understand and support Arunima in this mad endeavour. 

Finally everything fell in place and Arunima set on the most important journey of her life. There were challenges at every turn, literally. Overcoming these she conquered the Everest on 21st March 2013.

Arunima has never believed in fate or destiny. She believes that we chart our own paths in life. She scripted her life story on that hospital bed itself and followed it to the tee! Scaling peak by peak of determination.

After Mount Everest , Arunima continued scaling other peaks as well. she has conquered the highest peaks in alk seven continents. She has climbed :-
- "Mount Killimanjaro in South Africa"
- "Mount ELbrus in Russia"
- "Mount Kosciusko in Australia in 2014"
- In January 2019 Arunima became the "First female amputee to climb Mount Vinson" the Highest peak of Antarctica.

CHAPTER FOUR :- Awards& Achievement

Arunima has penned down her memories in a book titled "Born again on the mountain : A story of losing everything and finding it back". This book was launched at the hands of Prime Minister Modi in 2014

Arunima,s Achievements and more importantly her spirit was honoured by the University of Strathclyde, a prestigious UK university in November 2018.

 Awards :- 

Tenzing Norgay Highest.
Mountaineering Award.
Arjuna Award.
Padma shri 2015
First lady Award 2016
People of the Year, Limca book of Records 2016.

This is how Arunima Sinha's dream got a new flight.  We get a lot to learn from his autobiography.Arunima story is a story of immense courage at the face of difficulty. Even if we get 10% of her courage, we will be ready to face any situation in life.

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