Muniba Mazari :- The Real story

Muniba Mazari is lovingly called the “Iron Lady of Pakistan”. She was born in a small village of Balochistan on March 3, 1987. When she was 18, her parents married her off to someone of their choice as Baloch women were seldom made to stay spinster for long.

"I was 18 years old when I got married. I belong to a very conservative family, a Baloch family where good daughters never say no to their parents. My father wanted me to get married, and all I said was, if that makes you happy, I will say yes! and of course, it was never a happy marriage." (Her Words).

In year 2007, Muniba was heading towards her hometown when she met a dreadful accident that made her paraplegic for entire life. Her husband Khurram Shahzad fell asleep while driving the vehicle, which caused the accident. 

Muniba got seriously injured and was unable to feel her legs. She was carried in a Jeep, as there was no Ambulance available in that part of the City. The way to the hospital was another tragedy. 

Failing to find an ambulance, Muniba could only stay at the back of a jeep all the way to the hospital even though she was seriously injured. Unfortunately, she needed to be rushed to another hospital as the first one they went to had no first aids. 

At the second hospital, she got sent away again because they did not have the equipment to operate on her. They even thought she had a low chance to survive and therefore didn’t feel the urge to help further.

Then, they went to the third hospital in Karachi and luckily they accepted Muniba.  The tragic car accident left her with several injuries as her backbone was crushed and she sustained multiple fractures to her arms, shoulder, collarbone and rib cage. Her liver and lungs were injured as well and she remained under treatment.At the age of 21, Muniba Mazari was left paralysed for the rest of her life

There she received three major and two minor surgeries, where the doctors had to put a lot of metal in her arm and backbone in order to fix her. For that reason, she got the nickname “Iron Lady of Pakistan” .

She spent 2 years in Hospital bed and those were the most difficult years of her Life. She felt helpless. She used to chop her hair off, in frustration, when they used to get stuck in hair brush. But her bravery started dominating all these painful feelings. 

Painful Moment

During her treatment, her doctor kept giving her bad news about her health.

 The first shocking news by the doctor to was that she would not be able to paint again owing to the severe injuries on her arms and shoulders. 

The second shocking news given to her was that she will not be able to walk because of her spinal injury.

 And the third which was the most painful news for her was that she won’t be able to give birth.This news in particular was the most shattering she knew in her heart, that she will not able to hear someone call her “Mom”.

“We are human beings; we breathe, we have souls, we are alive, we feel. We don't need your sympathies, we don't need your empathy. Let us live!”  (Muniba Mazri words)

Know how the dream of a girl sitting in a wheelchair took flight, good bye to everyone in yesterday's blog. 
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