words that defy dictionaries

Mother; the light, the amaze, the shadow, the queen.......... all the feminine adjectives but a mother is not all that feminine.
Apparently, this word 'mother' has no gender.. yes I am saying it right. "mother has no gender"
Look around you , do you see a mother with a specific gender. I say,"NO! NO YOU DIDN'T"
gaze around a little.. 
Any relationship of unconditional love, the giver, the protector is that of a mother....
See a little, don't you see a single mother being as masculine as father to protect her child.
Can't you see a father comforting his child as a mother... Elder sibling providing us shelter as the divine one.... A friend who who is called the 'mumma of the group', because they actually care... 

Can you see some now! 

For instance the most adorable beings under the sun; i am talking about grandparents... Don't all of these and many of those I haven't mentioned provide us the unconditional love. Ain't this what we call motherhood; pure, unconditional......

Many of us who are always complaining that we are lonely, we have no one to talk or share feelings or we have no friends....
But dear all we are blessed with one, the very day we born.....yes, it's our mother. In fact, both of our parents. Understanding us , standing by us in all adversities isn't that what our parents do and exactly what we expect from our friends...

Strangely enough this word 'friend' has no gender either. Interestingly both of these words have no age defined. they are intertwined in all matters. these words ain't no definition , they rather define emotions and in tempt to do so they defy dictionaries.........................


  1. 1.
    a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection,

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  1. a woman in relation to her child or children.
  1. 1.
    bring up (a child) with care and affection.

  2. 2.
    give birth to.
 Because talking about motherhood and friendship is never cliche...


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